Thermoset plastic molding

An alternative with a host of benefits

Thermosetting materials can offer you a series of benefits in the manufacture of moulded components. If you are seeking excellent mechanical characteristics, dimensional stability (low linear thermal expansion coefficient) and heat insulation or, if you need electrical insulation with excellent performance, then we have some very interesting solutions for you. Thanks to the possibility to create high thickness parts, it is possible to add weight to the moulded components, which in some cases will provide a higher perception of the product, giving it a more robust feel. To give you the very best in terms of finish on a moulded piece, as well as reducing costs, over the years, our thermosetting division has implemented material loading systems with excellent performance, automatic sandblasting in line, and weighing and packaging systems on board the press. Finishes can also be made on thermoplastic polymers once printed.

animation with percentages of thermosetting materials

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